Scuba Diving

The India peninsula by Scubline Bodies of water, which provides great opportunities for water sports! Scuba Diving is an safe and enjoyable activity . All crew member are extremely friendly and helpful. one experience the aquatic universe by exploring "shipwrecks, different colours of coral fish and reefs. its a journey to bound by experience the pristine beauty.

Scuba diving is one of the most popular adventure sport you would like to explore . the underwater marine life like corals , reefs and shipwreck with our scuba diving. Although Goa is a small state, yet it has a large number of coastline to provide a various beautiful sites of a unique scuba diving. The environment at Goa are extremely suitable for scuba diving including the weather, tide and depth. we are sure to savor you with each and every bit of richness of the marine life. Goa might not be the diving capital, but here's why it can definitely be the best place for scuba diving.

The experience offered by the Goa Trip Planner, is not only about a quick run underwater. and staff will ensure that you are in safe hands while you relax and enjoy the underwater spectacle. This trip is value for money with specialist instructors who take you to best under water spots. Our diving modules are so designed that first time divers are secure to enjoy a riveting experience.