Goa Activities

Goa is one of the most popular tourist places in India. The smallest state of India surely does pack the largest range of pleasures for its visitors. The long coastline is one of the highlights of your holiday, so are the water sports in Goa. Adventure seeker or not, you must not miss them out Watersports in Goa.Goa is known for its beautiful beaches, lengthy coastline, most people visit these beaches for its ample amount of Watersport activities which they can choose from that which suit their every mood and aspiration.Goa has pristine water bodies and jaw-dropping sceneries. It is a great way to experience an ultimate adrenaline rush. So get ready for �Sun, Sand and Sea� and not to forget the thrilling water sports. Some of these adventure sports are available throughout the year while many are season specific.

A paradise for adventure seekers, Grand Island offers thrilling experiences of snorkeling, fishing and swimming. Situated on just west of the Mormugao Peninsula, the island offers a perfect rendezvous of scenic beauty, riveting fun and remarkable views of marine life.

The Goa backwaters along the Mandovi River offer a tremendous experience of the real natural Goa. The mangrove-lined banks of the Mandovi River are engulfing and endearing with a rich fauna, flora and natural beauty. These calm waters inhabit the shy but not-so-gentle reptiles in the slow narrow creek. Near the Cumbarjua village, still untouched by the modern times, the narrow creek enters the overwhelming mangrove jungles. The Cumbarjua canal connecting Zauari and Mandovi over a 15 km long stretch offers an overthrowing view of the majestic crocodiles. Get camera ready and capture the riveting creatures in their natural glory.

The gushing white water cascade makes for a wondrous sight. This spectacular 5th tallest waterfall in India falls from 310 m (1017 feet) gathers into a breathtaking deep green pool at the base. Dudhsagar, literally means �sea of milk�, is a four-tiered waterfall with an average width of 30 m (100 feet). The forested area around the waterfall offers a breathtaking walk to reach to the base of the fall. In the monsoon season, the natural beauty of the fall is at its zenith, though it is popular tourist spot all the year round.

For a leisurely cruise through the scenic Goan beauty, you can taste the breathtaking beauty of the Goa landscape. This exciting sunset river cruise from Santa Monica lets you breathe in the ethereal beauty of a sun set on the horizon as you sail down the river. To showcase the rich and vibrant culture of Goa, local boys and girls bring alive the rich traditions in colorful folk dances like the Fugdi and Dekhni. They sing Mandos for the captivated audience and as the audience joins in the center stage is handed over to live musicians or DJs. You can sing and dance your heart out. This sunset cruise from the Santa Monica jetty in Panaji is a popular choice of all age groups for both local and foreign tourists.

The India peninsula by Scubline Bodies of water, which provides great opportunities for water sports! Scuba Diving is an safe and enjoyable activity . All crew member are extremely friendly and helpful. one experience the aquatic universe by exploring "shipwrecks, different colours of coral fish and reefs. its a journey to bound by experience the pristine beauty.

The Chapora River and its mesmerizing beauty will fascinate you with its unique Goan simplicity. For the cruise you shall be occupying a rustic boat of quaint quality to give you the experience of a lifetime. On sailing a little ahead the beautiful synchronized in the pristine Goan waters will amaze you. We would suggest that to have an optimally satisfying experience and a breathtaking view, you should occupy the house boat�s upper deck.

Come and test your adventure skills � big reel style at the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. This trip will make you come alive with a panoramic view of the Goa jungles. The sweeping jungles bring the naturalists closer to the regal elephants, their history, behavior and ecological environment.

Deep Sea Fishing is a top attraction in Goa and this serene experience demands a firsthand experience. The waters offer a royal view of the Fort Aguada as you fish in the marine life rich sea water. The wonders of the sea fill you with excitement as you wait to catch the fish, basking in the sun, enjoying your beer.

After summer in Goa comes the rainy season or monsoon season, which lasts from June to September. During this period it rains almost every day and in July and August, when it is the peak of the monsoon season, rain showers are especially prolonged.

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